How will my villa be kashered?

Rabbi Mendy Weiss will be Kashering our villas below is a description of what he does.

*countertops*  Libun is done, so technically one does not have to cover them.
*Sinks* Libun is done
*garbage disposal* with hagola
*stove tops* if they are gas or electric first we will kasher the burners, then libun will be done between the burners. For the  glass top we will kasher the burners and the glass in addition, for those who want to be extra strict, we provide a metal net that covers the entire stove and you can place your pots directly ontop of the net.

*oven* whether it is self clean or not libun is done on the inside and the edges of the door. In addition, if it’s a self cleaning oven we run the cycle of self clean.